Vehicle & Payment Protection

We Use Over 60 Lenders










Here's The List


We've been in business for nearly 35 years & have worked with almost every financial institution doing business in Oregon.  The list includes:  14 Banks  --  30 Credit Unions  --  20 Finance Co.  & 3 Manufacturers.  And the list grows every day.


It's highly likely we can quickly & seamlessly do all the paper-work with your lender because we've already established a long-term working relationship with them.


Our primary lenders for finance & lease are Toyota Financial Services and GMAC.  We're also a Credit Union Direct Lender.  So if you're a credit union member, we do ALL the paperwork for you If you lack credit or want to re-establish credit, we work with most all finance co. to do so  --  including our own.


We've successfully handled virtually every possible vehicle lease/purchase & bank/credit union/finance co. scenario & with the volume of business we do, you're assured (based on your credit) of getting the best terms available.