Mike Segel's Skillful ("Lucky") Month on the Course

Taken from KATU Channel 2 News...

May 25, 2006
Golfer drains three hole-in-one shots in a month

By Ron Carlson and KATU.com Web Staff

PORTLAND, Ore. - Mike Segel is a good golfer, but in the course of one month, he had a string of amazing shots that would make Tiger Woods blush with envy.

Segel holed three aces in just over 100 holes of golf - an unheard of feat.

Most players go their whole life without hitting a hole-in-one, let alone three of them.

While some may doubt the incredible tale, Segel's pal B. J. Hollowell was with him for each ringer, along with other witnesses.

Even long-time players like Andy Rheel, the resident pro at Forest Hills golf course, says he's never seen such a great stretch of luck.

Even KATU Sports reporter Ron Carlson, who joined Segel for a few holes, was able to nail a hole-in-one for himself, sort of.

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